Africa, can’t take my eyes off of you (week twenty-one)

Monday 07/07/14
Today was probably the first day of somewhat unpleasant weather we’ve had since I’ve been here. It was overcast and cold, but I was in the lab all day anyway, so it wasn’t much of an issue. I had to re-run the IFNγ plate from yesterday, because things still weren’t turning up as they should. When I finished, it was dark outside. I sat with the rhinos for a while, drinking tea and talking at them. I cooked dinner, went over my vet nursing flash cards and went to bed. Continue reading

Africa, you know I said it’s true, I can feel the love, can you feel it too (week twenty)

Monday 30/06/14
We had a 4.45am leaving time to head up to Satara for captures. Things went a lot more smoothly today, as there were less people trying to do things with the buffalo and the M99 doses in the darts were lower. This meant the vets were more in control on the ground, topping up more with sedatives intravenously. Continue reading

Africa, you don’t know how much I love this (week nineteen)

Monday 23/06/14
Kath and I went into Hazyview today for Kath to organise getting a sim card for the internet connection with the camera at the gate in the buffalo enclosure, and for me to do my first proper grocery shop in about a month (and to pick up groceries for three other people). It has mainly just been me out here on the weekends, and both Henri and Kath can pick up their groceries as they’re coming through, so I didn’t feel like I should be driving into Hazyview if it was only for me. Continue reading

Africa, it’s not hard for me to love you, hard for me to love you, unconditionally (week eighteen)

Monday 16/06/14
I left Skukuza at 5am to be up in Satara by 7am to help Moses feed the buffalo, now that the new gate was in. I saw about seven hyena near Tschokwane. One of the youngsters was curious about the bakkie, so when the others lopped a bit further down the road, this one curiously circled the bakkie for a bit of a sniff. I followed them for a bit and could see little controlled burns a way off the road happening. The hyenas soon turned off and headed towards one of the fires. Continue reading

Africa, I think I’m ready to let you get under my skin (week seventeen)

Monday 09/06/14
I was entering data today while watching a replay of Game 1 of the state of Origin, as I didn’t get to see it being played live two weeks ago. Not many people over here have heard about Rugby League, which is surprising because it’s so big back home. Was in the lab working with the data until around dinner time. Jordan and one of the architects working on the OTS site, Jess, came over to watch ‘The Castle’. I find it hilarious every time. Continue reading

Africa, working hard to make a living (week sixteen)

Monday 02/06/14
Bri, Brady and I woke early, packed up our stuff and the tent and headed back out of Swaziland and back into South Africa. It wasn’t that long a drive on the way back. We left just before 8am and got back just after midday. The showers at mine weren’t working when we got back, so I went to Bri and Brady’s. There had obviously been a misunderstanding with Henri, and he seemed to think I was getting back on Sunday and was going up to Satara with him earlier than when I’d even gotten back today. He gave me an hour and a half before leaving to Satara, but I still had to wash all the camping stuff I’d been using for the last week, so I managed to delay us leaving an extra two hours. Continue reading