Return to South Africa, 2015 (pt1)

So, I returned. I had a bit of a stint back home in Aus, in Perth for a while, before heading back to the beautiful New England country on the eastern side, and a month down in Melbourne. Then I headed back to Kruger to resume my intern duties and start a Masters degree on the project through the Uni of Melbourne in the middle of the year. Continue reading

Up, Around and Back Down Australia

My trip to Perth ended up slightly differently than what I originally imagined or intended. After my six-week stint there, I then had a six-month stint in South Africa, before returning to Perth for a couple of months. I entertained myself by volunteering with the University of Western Australia, helping on one of their university properties on a regeneration study, as well as out in the middle of WA, setting up camera traps for feral cats and dingoes. I did a bit of busking and cleaning to get by, and managed to afford a little trip around the bottom of WA. I was asked back to South Africa for 2015, to do my intern work again, as well as a Masters degree on the buffalo project. I said yes, of course, so decided it’d be better to drive my car back home where I could leave it with Dad to look after (along with all my other junk). So, Dad flew over to meet me at the end of November, and we drove about 8 000km back around the top together, in eight days. Gooooood times.

Northern Route

The route Dad and I took back around the top.

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Africa, there’s a highway of stars across the heavens, the whispering song of the wind in the grass, there’s the rolling thunder across the savannah, a hope and dream at the end of the sky (week twenty-six)

Monday 11/08/14

We woke early and left for Satara by 5am for captures. There were a heap of rangers all the way up there, so it looked like there’d been some poaching activity overnight or about to happen. We had to wait around up there to wait around up there for the helicopter. We weren’t initially going to have. We caught the only three they could find outside the camp/funnel and boma and then we started working on the ones in the camp. Continue reading

Africa, I want to be your left-hand man (week twenty-three)

Monday 21/07/14

Bree, Becca, Brady and I looked in the museum in Mupangubwe National Park. The building had won architectural awards. It was pretty cool. There were a bunch of round-topped buildings, all covered with handmade tiles. It blended into the landscape well. The museum had some of the artefacts that were found when Mapungubwe Hill was excavated, as well as a video giving an overview of the history. Continue reading